Nuclear Missile Base

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This Nuclear Missile Base is now part of the Strategic Missile Forces museum which is located on the border of Kirovohradska and Mykolayivska oblasts. Recently, missile bases were strictly confidential, which was the part of 46th Nijniodniprovska Missile Order of October Revolution, Red Flag Division.

Lengths of Base’s underground passages is 155 metres, and they were used get to the underground command post; in turn, a command post was manufactured as a capsule which was suspended in the silo 45 metres under earth surface, and could be fully autonomous within 45 days in case of military attacks.

For many years Pervomaisk was a town of strategic importance – there was the division headquarters of the strategic missile forces, town were surrendered with rocket’s mines with the most advanced nuclear missiles, deep underground command post kept an eye on all that rockets silos and officers were on charge day by day.

In 90th, Ukraine signed a treaty of non-proliferation. Pervomaisk had become a place of destruction of dangerous armaments. One of the key issues where that command posts was transformed into a Strategic Missile Forces Museum by the joint project of Ukraine, Russia and United States.

Nowadays the museum is: a surface area with rockets exposition, a building of an actual museum (former administrative building), an unified underground command post, ground-based facilities for alerting. Besides, all technical systems are good working, except for the one that were designed to perform essential tasks – the launch of rockets and secret equipment – were dismantled. Moreover, the museum includes historical and cultural centre, which is located in Pervomaisk, sports and hotel estates.

The variety of exhibit units is outstanding not only for their sizes (the smallest, such as fragments of ammunition from World War II and up to 35 m long with a diameter of 3 meters of intercontinental ballistic missile SS-18 “Satan”), but for its exclusiveness. Currently, the museum has more than 2000 exhibit units and their number is constantly growing. (wikipedia)

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