Zeppelin Bunker Wünsdorf

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The Zeppelin bunker Wünsdorf was built between 1937 and 1939, as an underground communications bunker. Because the bunker was officially constructed by the German Reichspost as a “Service Building” on the orders of the OKH or Oberkommando des Heeres (Eng: Supreme High Command of the Army).

The bunker was roughly shaped like an “L” of which the longest stretched part (117 x 22 meters) consisted of two floors and the shorter (57 x 40 meter) a three-storey annex.
The underground building could be accessed by the underground tunnel system which was also connected to the “Ring stollen” of the Maybach I OKH complex. Three entrances called “Endbauwerk North”, “Endbauwerk Sud“ and “Endbauwerk West” located at either end of the system gave acces to it. These entrances were also camouflaged as normal civilian houses. But in 1938 the”Reichspostgebäude” was eventually constructed as a surface bunker directly over the annex of the Zeppelin bunker, which gave access to it via a staircase and even a freight elevator.

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