Zeche WP

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Zeche WP is an abandoned coal mine in Germany. The mine was founded in the beginning of the 20th century and consisted of a number of shafts. The mine is still well preserved and therefore makes it a nice urbex location.


In 1910 the mine was taken into use. Later a coking plant followed for the nearby blast furnace industry.


After the Second World War this mine merged with a number of other mines in the area. The coking plant turned out to be too small and was demolished to make way for a new one. Some shafts were made to increase production.


Around the year 2000 this mine produced around 2.5 million coal per year. The coking plant produced 600,000 tonnes of coke per year.


In 2008 the mine was finally closed. The area is currently being demolished and homes are being built.


Is Zeche WP easy accessible?
Zeche WP is located along a busy road. There are many observant neighbors so it is good to take notice of that.


Is Zeche WP worth the visit?
Zeche WP is a fairly well-known urbex location in Germany, mainly because of the enormous size and the halls with baskets.


What is the location of Zeche WP?
The Zeche WP is somewhere in Germany. It is not common to share urbex locations, so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful spot.


Is Zeche WP secured by camera’s or security?
Zeche WP is heavily secured by guards which will drive around all the time.

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