Usine 1895 – Hunters Power Plant

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Somewhere in Belgium you will find an old mine with a small power plant. Sand, gravel and slate were extracted in this mine. This power plant is also calles Usine 1895 or Hunters Power Plant.

The machines were able to crush the stones for further processing.

This required a lot of electricity. The power station served as a power source for these machines.

The factory was built in 1895. This location owes its name to this year.

After a long time, a new, larger factory was built and the old one one was demolished. Only the building with the power station was retained.

Since you can still find interesting old industrial machines in such buildings, we went to take a look.

The remaining building consists of a number of halls of which one is still in use.

There is even electricity on the sockets and the lights are still working.

After an hour we left to the next location.

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