Les Thermes Bleus

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This is one of the most beautiful locations that I was allowed to visit this year. Les Thermes Bleus or the Blue Baths.

Since a few weeks I saw the first photos of this beautiful bathhouse appear on the internet. I fell in love immediately. This is a really special location!

Beautiful and colorfull old tiles everywhere, old faucets and beautiful colors were used to make visitors of this bath house to their liking.

It is a fairly new location that is not yet known to the general public. Usually this means that the location is still in its original state and little has been destroyed.

After a long search, I found the coordinates. The bathhouse is somewhere in France. On the first occasion we drove south with a couple of friends.

Arriving in the small village we parked our car in an inconspicuous place, far enough not to be noticed.

I had already heard stories about observant local residents. So we did not try to get to their attention.

After a while we came close to our destination. Unfortunately, a number of people were working on the land in front of the bath buildings.

We could not pass by unseen here. We had to find the bathhouse through another road.

An hour later, after a beautiful walk in the woods, we saw the roofs of what was once a busy bathhouse. Once closer we saw that there were still a few inhabited houses next to this location. Carefully we approached the buildings. After a while we found an open door and walked inside.

We were immediately impressed and grabbed our cameras. A few friends went upstairs, looking for the perfect picture. I stayed downstairs where I found this beautiful bathroom.

The bathhouse dates back to the middle of the 19th century and has not been used since the 80s of the last century. Since then, nothing has changed in the building.

Everything is still as if it has not been entered for 35 years. These kinds of locations are special and hopefully this gem will remain secret and intact for a long time!

After a few minutes, some friends came down the stairs. When they looked through a window they saw some elderly residents walking towards the bathhouse.

So we had to hide somewhere in order not to get caught. That would be a shame because we had just started our adventure.

When everyone in the bathroom was downstairs, we decided to hide for a while. We closed the door and waited anxiously.

Suddenly we heard a door. The local residents were in the building. We heard their voices whisper and their footsteps sounded louder.

We heard that the local residents opened all doors of all bathrooms one by one. Apparently they were looking for unwanted visitors. They were probably tipped by villagers who had seen a car with a yellow license plate.

The footsteps became louder and we heard that they stopped in front of our door. We were silent! Would our door be opened and would we be caught?

After a short but exciting moment they walked on. They probably thought the door was already closed and continued their search. Another half hour later we heard the front door close again. Fortunately we were not discovered.

Carefully we picked up our stuff again and continued with what we were doing, exploring this beautifully intact spa. After an hour we had seen everything and walked back to our car, as if nothing had happened.


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