The Oculus Tower

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The Oculus Tower is a high tower on a huge industrial estate. There once was a chemical factory on this location. The site is still full of huge buildings that are almost empty. What exactly was produced in the oculus tower has not become clear to me.

During our visit we saw an old electricity plant in one of the buildings. This was unfortunately completely stripped. All generators had been removed and there was nothing left of a control room.

The whole area is deserted and is well preserved from vandalism. There is almost no graffiti. Probably this is because the terrain is difficult to reach because of the surrounding channel.

Unfortunately, I did not had time to visit the other buildings. It soon became dark and we had to walk quite a bit to the exit.

Afterwards I heard a story from another urbexer that he and his girlfriend had entered the location. When his girlfriend was waiting outside the tower while he took some photos, she was attacked by a rapist. He has made an attempt to beat her. The police had been there for some investigation but nothing lead to the perpetrator. You have been warned!


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