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Somewhere in a small village in France you can find this abandoned church. The church was built where first an older church stood and before that a castle. During the First World War the original church was destroyed.


The Star Trek Church is not actually an urbex location because the church can not be visited without permission. This was a legal visit with permission. Normally the church is closed but I was allowed to borrow the key for some nice pictures.


The church had long been on my wish list because of its distinct and modern style. The church is entirely built of concrete. The small windows look like glass but are actually made of polyester. They are protected against the effects of the weather by means of a transparent glued roof that lies on top of the concrete construction. The shape of the church portrays the hands of maria that she holds together while praying.


The region where the church is located was badly hit by the Germans during the two world wars. The village counted 500 people before the First World War. After the war just 200. All young men were deported or murdered and had to be buried by the remaining men of the Germans. Most of the houses, including the church, were destroyed by the Germans.


After the war, the French government decided to rebuild the approximately 400 destroyed churches in the region. Architects were appointed to design according to modern architectural styles. This church is a good example of this.


After an hour making photographs we were ready and we continued our journey. What a beautiful location this is!

What is the location of the Star Trek Church?
The Star Trek Church of E.T. Church is located somewhere in France. As I normally won’t give any locations I can’t give them now.


Is the Star Trek Church easy accessible?
The location is normally no longer accessible. I had received special permission from the administrator to visit the church.


Is the Star Trek Church worth the visit?
It is a very nice location to visit, The beautiful modern style and all colors within the church I find fantastic!

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