Ready for Dinner

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Ready for Dinner is a dining room in an abandoned budget hotel. The hotel is known for its moss that can be seen everywhere. We happened to pass this hotel when we visited a number of other urban locations that day. We knew there was not much else to see at this place but fortunately we stopped to make a short visit. Luckily there was a small window open that allowed us to enter. Once inside we were in the room which we were looking for. It looked exactly like I had seen on other sites before.

Budget Hotel Urbex-2.jpg

After taking a few photos, we quickly walked through the building to check if we could find any other interesting rooms. Unfortunately, we had already seen the best.

The hotel was a very humid place. Water droplets felt down in different places because the roof is leaking everywhere. The carpet had rotten away and moss was everywhere.

Budget Hotel Urbex.jpg

Is Ready for Dinner easy accessible?
Ready for Dinner is situated in a small village. The many neighbours are watching the place so you have to take care not being seen by them.

Is Ready for Dinner worth the visit?
Ready for Dinner is a nice place to visit. It’s small and there is only one room worth to take pictures.

What is the location of Ready for Dinner?
As always I am not giving the exact address, coordinates or gps location due to vandalism terrorizing these places lately.

Is Ready for Dinner good secured?
Ready for Dinner is not being secured by guards or an alarm. The neighbors are watching the place and don’t hasitate to call the police.

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