Psy Monastery

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Psy Monastery is an abandoned psychiatric institution that was built in 1939. It consists of a large building and a number of outbuildings. The large building has been empty for a while. The other buildings are newer and are currently used care institution for the elderly. It is a fairly familiar urbex location.

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The building consists of two wings and two staircases. These stairwells are perhaps the best of the whole building. The building does not yet show much decay.

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In fact, it is unbilievable that these type of buildings are no longer used. In example, you could make a nursing home with little effort.

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I have not been able to find much information about this location.

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Is Psy Monastery easy accessable?
Psy Monastery is located in a very small village. Neighbours are watching the place and wouldn’t hasitate to call the police if they find some strangers around.

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Is Psy Monastery worth the visit?
Psy Monastery is a very well known urbex location. Fortunately not much is destroyed by vandals.

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What is the location of Psy Monastery?
As always I am not giving the exact address, coordinates or gps location due to vandalism terrorizing these places lately.

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Is Psy Monastery good secured?
Psy Monastery is not being secured by guards or an alarm. The neighbors are watching the place and don’t hasitate to call

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