Palazzo Mint

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This is Palazzo Mint, a beautiful abandoned villa in Italy. This villa owns it’s name by the color it is painted in from the inside.

The villa is in the middle of a busy residential area. We had to get up early to not be seen by the neighbors. After we parked the car a little further down the street, we walked through the busy area to the villa. At the end of the street, the big lady was waiting for us. Arriving at the gate there were signs everywhere which warned us for security cameras. We didn’t see any of them after inspecting the area.

After a short exploration we saw an opportunity to enter. For this we had to climb. Fortunately, a small staircase was waithing for us. We were lucky!

The villa is still very well preserved from the inside. Almost every wall is painted with a thick layer of mint colored paint. A little bit of contrast is made by thin layers of gold colored paint. Only a few rooms have other colors.

Unfortunately, I had only been able to make a few pictures. Agressive mosquitoes where after me so we had to hurry not being bite by them. After half an hour we left.

Palazzo Mint is also called Villa Mint, Villa Dante and Vert Menthe.


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