Palazzo di L. dei Conti M.

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The Palazzo di L. dei Conti M. is an abandoned castle in Italy. Probably it belonged to a vintner because of the left-over grape presses and the nearby vineyards. It is a beautiful urbex location to explore.

I have not been able to find any further information about the history of the castle. It has been abandoned for a while and the decline is steadily increasing.

Palazzo di L. dei Conti M. is built against a small village and is located on a fairly large estate. It consists of a number of stables and workshops, a central area with a beautiful wine cellar with some old machines, a living quarters and a chapel.

Almost all rooms have beautiful walls and ceiling paintings. In the large room behind the central hall you can see a mosaic in the floor that probably refers to the name of the wine which was produced in the house.

Because the castle is built against the center of this small town it is very difficult to enter. All houses are built against the yard and the neighbors keep an eye on everything. Even when we were inside, we often heard the neighbors talking as if they were standing next to us.

The castle is still beautifully preserved and has again yielded some beautiful pictures.




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