Mono Orphanage

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Mono Orphanage of the Crying Baby Hospital is an abandoned urbex location of a children’s sanatorium in Italy. It was used as a sanatorium where children could recover from tubercolosis, at the time a deadly lung disease that was caused by a bacterium. It was originally built in the thirties by the INAM, the Italian health insurance fund, and was run by nuns.


Catholic symbols can therefore be seen everywhere on the site. Besides the different dormitories, there were also many classrooms. It has been abandoned since the seventies of the last century. It is a fairly familiar urbex location.


The orphanage is somewhere in the woods in Italy so that the children could come to rest.


The hospital consists of 5 floors:
the basement: kitchens, laundry and a room to iron;
the ground floor: a beautiful chapel, concierge, classroom, recreation room with walls richly decorated where paintings once hung;
the first floor: dormitories with numbered lockers and bathrooms;
the second floor: other dormitories, nursing homes, staff costs;


There have not been many demolitions, probably because there is a police station around the corner. In the basement you can even see a washing machine from the 1960s.


The sanatorium was already pretty empty. I have been informed that it has been sold to a project developer. Probably a nursing home is being made.


In one of the rooms there is a dentist room. A launderette can be seen in another room. All in all a pretty nice location.


Getting in at this location was still pretty difficult. All doors were closed well but luckily we came across an open window.


Is Mono Orphanage easy accessible?
The building is on the public road. There are many observant neighbors so it is good to look out for not to stand out. The building was well closed but fortunately we still found an open window somewhere.


Is Mono Orphanage worth the visit?
It is a fairly familiar urbex location, mainly because of the large classrooms and beautiful chapel. The chapel looks good inside. I think that this is still being cleaned occasionally. Fortunately, there is still little vandalism to be seen.


What is the location of Mono Orphanage?
Mono Orphanage is located somewhere in the north of Italy. It is not common to share urbex locations, so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful castle.


Is Mono Orphanage Secured by guards or an alarm?
Mono Orphanage is not secured but we keep an eye on the local residents. They will not hesitate to call the police when they see some foreigners.



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