Mission to Mars

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Mission to Mars is an urbex location where you can find old greenhouses. These structures have a special spherical formfactor that I have not seen before. Due to it’s distinctive appearance, the site is called Mission to Mars. Some urbexers also name this site as Ground Control or Mission Control. On my photos I have tried to get into the atmosphere of real space travelers. I took a long time editing these pictures to get the look of real space travellers and I am satisfied with the final result. The distinctive appearance of these greenhouses makes this a very cool urbex location.

Most spherical glass boxes are made in pairs of 2 or 3. You can go from one greenhouse to another without going outside. On the site there are about 3 to 4 of these contiguous buildings.

The gardeners’ cottages are located behind an old monastery, which now serves as home for the elderly. These greenhouses were probably used by residents to grow vegetables and fruit. When I was there the boxes looked nice and tidy. No trace of destruction. The grass on the field in between was neatly mowed. In fact, it’s a shame that these nice houses are no longer used and left abandoned.

What is the location of Mission to Mars?
Mission to Mars is somewhere in Germany, not far from the Belgian border. The location is on the edge of a big city. You can find these boxes somewhere in the backyard of an old monastery. The monastery now serves as a home for the elderly. Since this is a well preserved urban location I won’t give any address, gps-coordinates or location details of this place.

Is Mission to Mars easily accessible?
For me, it was not very difficult to find this location. A bit of investigation on google gave me the right address. On arrival, I parked my car at an adjacent nursing home. Once I left, I walked through a small path behind the retirement home and saw the greenhouses appearing behind a wall. Some of the glass structures have a side-paneled hatch. Fortunately, a hatch was open. I climbed through the hatch once in one of the boxes. When I was taking photos, I saw that there was also a gate with a fence next to it. There was a big hole in the fence, which I could easily pass through afterwards. By the fence, I also saw people walking often, the feeling of being caught did not really have me. Beside the garden shelves there are also some waste containers, and occasionally I saw someone disposing garbage in a container. Fortunately nobody saw me.


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