Mine School

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This is a school on the site of an abandoned coal mine somewhere in Germany. The students were trained to repair everything in the mines. There was even a lift rebuilt in a mine shaft to practice.


The school is located on a large area where there are also some mine shafts. We were actually looking for these shafts but happened to be at this school.


In the school pupils where trained to do repairs on elevators, maintain engines and there was a large classroom with all kinds of electronics. The space for the lifts to operate I found very interesting to see. You get an impression of how big such a lift actually is. Some shafts are 1000 meters deep so there is of course also a large lift.


Is Mine School easy accessible?
Getting in was not that difficult, at the back of the terrain you can easily enter. There was a sign that it is private property and that entry was forbidden, but we had expected that :). When we were done and wanted to go back home we saw a car at the main entrance. There was no one in it. After a few minutes a security guard came out. He was very angry and said that if we put our photos on the internet he would get problems with the police. We would of course do that, noooo way! 🙂


is the Mine School worth the visit?
It is a very interesting location to visit, especially for the novice urbexer. It was super dark but still I am satisfied with the result, all in all a nice location, definitely recommended!


What is the location of Mine School?
The Mine School is located somewhere on the site of a large coal mine in Germany, not far from the Dutch border. The mines have been abandoned for a while and are located on a large site. We walked through the ground through the back.

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