Manoir du Professeur | Manoir Denis | Manoir du Pianiste

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This is Manoir du Professeur, The big house is known for the many pianos that are present. The house is also called Manoir du Pianiste or as Manoir Denis. I could not find anywhere where this name comes from. It is a beautiful urbex or urban location to explore.


We visited this castle during our urbex trip through France where we visited Manoir Colimaçon, Airplane Graveyard, Chateau Stromae, Chateau Marko Bey, Chateau du Sanglier, Chateau Martin-Pecheur and the Star Trek Church.


Once we arrived at the location, we carefully entered the house. When we were busy in the house for a while, we found out that we were not alone. On the top floor, a couple was busy photographing. When we met them on the stairs. It was a bit of a shock.


The house still looked pretty good. No grafity and no leakages. Only a lot of junk. The whole corridor and the many rooms were full of rubbish. Only on the upper floor we came to the beautiful rooms of which the piano was the most beautiful.


Is Manoir du Pianiste easy accessible?
The house is located in the middle of a small village on a busy road. Fortunately, the gate was open so we could enter through the front yard. We had to wait until the coast was safe. The local residents keep a close eye on the house.

Is Manoir du Professeur worth the visit?
The house itself is full of junk. Once you have stepped over it and reached the top floor, it becomes clear that this house is really worthwhile.


What is the location of Manoir du Pianiste or Manoir du Professeur?
Manoir du Pianiste is located somewhere in the east of France, in the Vosges region. It is not common to share urbex locations, so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful castle.

Is Manoir du Professeur secured by guards or an alarm?
During our visit to Manoir du Professeur we did not see any security. We saw some local residents who knew we were watching the house. We were able to go our way undisturbed for 2 hours. The house is also known from the neighbors who don’t hesitate to call the police if they met some explorers.

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