Manoir Colimacon

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This is Manoir Colimaçon, also known as Manoir Joachim Kroll. We visited this castle in May 2017 during our second trip through France. The castle is best known for the staircase with its beautiful light that looks like a snail house. The castle owes its name to this spiral staircase that is in French Colimaçon. It is a beautiful urbex location.

The castle is located on a quiet road somewhere in a remote location in the north of France. It is built in Art Nouveau style and looks spooky. The castle is closely watched by the neighbor who grazes his sheep or occasionally keeps the grass short with the lawnmower. He does not seem to be friendly. If he catches you, he immediately calls the police and when he sees your car he threatens to get the tires punctured.

On arrival, we parked our car a long way further and we chose to walk a large part. When we finally reached the castle we saw the neighbor drive out of the driveway. He saw us immediately and of course knew what we were planning. He had, of course, seen our backpacks. We chose to walk on, fortunately, because a short distance away he stopped his car.

We chose to just walk somewhat further and sometimes looked back. Because the road is quite long he could keep an eye on us for a long time. Only after a quarter of an hour did we see that he was driving further. We waited a moment and turned around. After a quarter of an hour’s walk we were at the castle and climbed over the wall, after which the ghostly castle welcomed us.

Upon entering we saw immediately that we were not alone. There were 2 other urban explorers taking photos. They were two French women, probably mother and daughter. We talked for a long time and exchanged some nice locations.

The castle still looked pretty good. An Iranian family has made an attempt to renovate it, but local residents seem to have put a stop to this. Only a few leaks or other traces of water were visible. A castle that has water damage normally goes back quite quickly. Only on the first floor there was a leakage which caused some wood rot to be seen.

Is Manoir Colimaçon easy accessible?
The entire site is secured by a high wall. Entering is quite difficult but because the terrain is quite large there is always a place where you can climb over the wall. You seem to be able to enter easily at the back. We could not wait and climbed over the wall. After all, we had been walking in the burning sun for half an hour to avoid the observant neighbor.

Is Manoir Colimaçon worth the visit?
It is a fairly well-known urbex location, mainly because of the beautiful stairs that give the castle its name. Despite the fact that the Iranian family has recently made an attempt to renovate the castle, a lot has been destroyed. Especially because of the exterior, the spiral staircase and the front door, I find that the castle is still worth a visit.

What is the location of Manoir Colimaçon?
Manoir Colimaçon is located somewhere in the middle of France. It is not common to share urbex locations, so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful castle.

Is Manoir Colimacon Secured by guards or an alarm?
As has been said before, the castle is closely monitored by the local residents. The neighbor has his sheep grazing and occasionally drives his lawn mower over the grass. The other neighbor thought it was necessary to wait a quarter of an hour before we could turn around. If you do not want a car tire that is punctured, I advise you to park your car a long way from the castle!

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