Manicomio di R.

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Manicomio di R. was founded around 1870 and is almost no longer in use since the 80s of the last century. Most buildings are deserted while nature takes over. It is a beautiful and unique urban location.

It is located on an enormous site that is fenced by high walls. There are various buildings on the grounds that each had their own function. The men were of course separated from the women. In the peak years, this psychiatric hospital was used by almost 1800 patients. Some parts are still in use.

The main building consists of a beautiful central hall full of decorations. The long corridors and beautiful indoor gardens are nowhere more to be found. In the past, not everything was better, it was beautiful!

Entering this beautiful location was a big challenge. We waited until late at night to come to get into the hospital unseen. Once inside, with the necessary abrasions it was worth it. Most of the time we heard people talking near us so we had to be very quiet.

The most exciting place was the operation room. I do not know exactly how old this is but I estimate from the 50s of the last century. At that time they simply operated behind a window. With the hygiene they apparently did not take it that far.

Is Manicomio di R. easy accessible?
Manicomio di R. is on the public road in the city centre of a small village. There are many observant neighbors so it is good to look out for not to stand out. They will call the police if they see some strangers. The Italian police is known for jailing people who enter a place without permission.

Is Manicomio di R. worth the visit?
It is a fairly familiar urban location, mainly because of the beautiful operating room. I also liked the corridors with courtyard.

What is the location of Manicomio di R.?
Manicomio di R. is somewhere in Italy. It is not common to share urbex locations, addresses or gps coordinates so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful spot.

Is Manicomio di R. secured by guards?
Manicomio di R. is secured by security personnel and the neighbors are watching the place. Occasionally there is an old man with a few geese and goats. He keeps a close eye on everything.

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