Maison de Viron | Castle of Mortagne

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Maison de Viron is an old villa on a big estate in Belgium. It was bought by a Baron just before the first world war started.


When the baron of Viron bought the property there was a small barn. In 1923 the baron designed and built a big mansion next to the barn. The Baron and his wife lived in the barn during the construction of the new house. The villa was built in cottage style. In 1928 the new house was finished and was officially named Mortagnekasteel or La Mortagne. The house was also called Castle of the Barones.


Just after a while when the baron and baroness took place in their new huis a son was born named Joseph. Unfortunately he died when he was just two years old. After his death the couple got 4 doughters named Françoise, Geneviève, Béatrice and Isabelle.

During the second world war the house was used as a hospital for war casualties.

The baron died in 1931 when he was 60 years old. His wife died in 1967 aged 84. After the war the barn was renovated into two appartements. The youngest doughter Isabelle lived there till 1980.


The house has been abandoned since 1980 and left to nature.


What is the location of Maison de Viron?

Maison de Viron is somewhere in Belgium. You can find it in a small village. Unfortunately I cannot give the exact address, gps coordinates. Some research on the internet will give you the proper directions.

Is Maison de Viron easy accessible?

The mansion is located on a big property with 2 private roads leading to it. For us it was very easy to get in.


Is Maison de Viron worth the visit?

Maison de Viron is a beautiful place to explore. You will find the beautiful room with the perambulator or baby wagon in the attick.

Is there security at Maison de Viron?

The property isn’t secured by police or an alarm. There are stories telling the neighbor is watching the place.


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