Maison of the Bride

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Somewhere in Belgium you will find this beautiful mansion. It is a small village and belongs to a large farm. Because of the many fruit orchards in the region and the fruit boxes in the barns, I think this house was inhabited by fruit growers. Once there was a wedding dress hanging from the cupboard in the corridor, Maison of the Bride also owes its name to this dress. It is one of the nicest urbex locations I know.


I got the location of a number of other urbexers that I encountered at La Chaudronnerie. I had been looking for the location for a while so a week later I made an effort. We had to be careful for the neighbor, who would keep an eye on the house.


Once we arrived at the location, we did not dare to enter the front side of the house, it was too busy and we had already been warned about the attentive neighbors. Fortunately, we quickly found another option. On the way to the beautiful house we saw an old beetle in the large backyard. It was already later in the afternoon and it was already twilight so unfortunately I could not photograph the car anymore.


Once arrived at the house, the back door was open. Once we were inside, we stood in the dining room. A large dining table, a fireplace and a TV. Everything was still right. There was a nice old piano in the corridor. After we had photographed all this, we went upstairs and stood in the hallway. Here was the cupboard where the wedding dress once hung. Unfortunately, we have not seen this anymore. In the bedroom was still the beautiful bed with the pram. One of the nicest bedrooms I have seen.


After we had seen the bedroom we went to the living room. A record player with some old singles betray the year in which the house is probably abandoned, namely 1978. Of course, I do not know if this is really the case.


It soon became dark and we had to walk to our car.


Is Maison of the Bride easy accessible?
The house is on the public road. There are many observant neighbors so it is good to look out for not to stand out.


Is Maison of the Bride worth the visit?
It is a fairly familiar urbex location, especially because of the beautiful bedroom with pram. You do not have to go for the wedding dress, unfortunately it was taken by someone. Still, I think this is one of the best locations I’ve seen!

What is the location of Maison of the Bride?
Maison of the Bride is somewhere in Belgium. It is not common to share urbex locations, so in this case I do not. A bit of googling is usually enough to find this beautiful spot.


Is Maison of the Bride protected by alarms or security?
Maison of the Bride is not secured but the neighbors keep watch the place and don’t hasitate to call the police if they find some strangers around.

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