Lycée V

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Lycée V is a former average school for girls. The construction of a building specific to the school is supported by the architects Benoît and Vanderstraeten between 1874 and 1876. It is a very nice urbex location to explore.

The building is imposing and has a high facade of seven high bays on a high bedrock. The three central spans form a fore-body which is crowned with a triangular pediment. The entrance is on the left and opens onto a long corridor leading to the open courtyard and a covered courtyard.


Classes are organized on two levels around this playground. The establishment is very bright thanks to its courtyard covered with a big glass roof.


In 1881, the school is taken over by the State and becomes a High School from 1925. After the second world war, in 1946, it receives the title of Royal Athenaeum but, to avoid confusion with the building reserved for boys, it takes the denomination of Royal High School.


After the school’s was moved to a modern building on another location, the building houses a nursing school.


Today, the property is owned by a public water management company which has promised to restore it without occupying it itself.


The building is ranking as a monument on June 10, 2005





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