Lost Seagulls

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We arrive at the large area where our mission begins, the “Lost Seagulls”. The abandoned aircraft’s which are being used by the army to train soldiers. We park our car next to the road that is as close as possible to the aircraft’s.


It is almost dark so we have to hurry. They are waiting for us somewhere in a large military area.


We look carefully around us not to be seen. After all, we have been warned about military patrons who watch over the huge terrain. Fortunately we don’t see anyone near us so we walk carefully to the coordinates.


Everywhere are pits, it had just rained. One step wrong will result in wet feet. Stupid me, I should had taken my army boots with me.


We have been warned about duds and mines. One unfortunate moment of not watching your step can end up with a long visit in the hospital or the rest of your life in a wheelchair. That’s the last thing we are waiting for so we carefully watch the ground we are walking on. There are enough grenades, both detonated and …. we do not want to think about that now.


A little later we see something what looks like a wing of an airplane sticking out of the grass, a sign that we walked in the right direction.


We still have to cross a large dirty road of mud. Fresh tire tracks show us a car just driven past, probably the patrol that we don’t want to see now. Carefully we look around us again, the coast is clear. Carefully we cross the road heading to the tail of the plane.


The wing we have just seen is becoming more visible as we walk to in. Our long journey is rewarded with two planes, a tank and a number of cars.


We quickly grab our cameras and tripods and start photographing. After an hour everything is photographed so we can go back home.


Just in time because it is already pretty dark, fortunately we have our flashlights with us.



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