Little Green House

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Somewhere in a remote area in Belgium, in a very small village you will find this cute little house called The Litle Green House. It is probably called Little Green House because of the swing doors in front of the windows.


It probably has been abandoned for a long time. I came across booklets from 1960. Whether it has been abandoned for almost 60 years, I do not think so, but it could well be.


What is the location of Little Green House?
Little Green House is located in Belgium, not far from the Dutch border. The location is somwhere at the countryside.


Is the Little green house easy accessible?
Entering the house was not that difficult. We jumped over the fence and climbed through the window into the kitchen. There was a sign that it is private property and that entry was forbidden, but we had expected that 🙂


Is the Little Green house worth the visit?
It is a very nice location to visit, especially for the novice urbexer. It was super dark but still I am satisfied with the result, all in all a nice location, definitely recommended!

Is The Little Green House secured by alarms?
The Little Green House is not secured but the neighbors keep an eye on things.

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