Le Lavoir Craquant

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Le Lavoir Craquant is an old coal washing facility. The factory was built in 1923. This coal washing facility is also know as “Le Lavoir à Charbon”.

In the 1950s the laundry was modernized. In 1999 the coal laundry was closed for good. The buildings are now abandoned.

During the peak years, this laundry was able to wash 1000 tons of coal per day.

The coal was supplied by a specially electrified railway line. Upon arrival, the coal was first sorted by size by means of a sieve. The large chunks remained on top of the sieve and the smaller ones fell through. This was repeated several times with smaller sieves to obtain a good sorting. Then the coal was washed.

Around 1937, the suspension laundry was developed, separating coal and stones by means of a suspension of water and magnetite. This liquid has a greater density than that of coal, causing it to float, while the stones sink to the bottom. The floating coal was removed by scraping chains. The magnetite could be recovered and reused using magnets.

The coal washing facility consisted of 10 washing lines


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