La Chaudronnerie

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This boiler factory which translation is Chaudronneries in french, produced boilers for the nearby steel industry. It had more than 1500 employees at high. The factory went bankrupt in 2001 and closed it’s doors. At that time there were only 50 people working at the factory.

The factory was built on 6 acres of ground but are abandoned and demolished at the moment. Only the last part of the factory is left behind. You can find some drawing tables from the architects which designed the boilers and a small laboratory. Upstairs you can find the financial administration.

The last part is to be demolished by the local government soon. The government wants to invest in better roads and wants to make an industrial space for new companies at the site. The old railway station has to be renovated also.

What’s the location of the Boiler Factory or Chaudronnerie?
I cannot give the exact location, gps coordinates or address. The location of Chaudronnerie or boiler factory is somewhere in the province of Liege in Belgium, not far from the dutch border.
It’s nearby a big city.

Is it easy to come in?
It’s very easy, there was a hole in the gate.

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