Eglise HBG

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Eglise HBG is a church in the north of France. The church dates from the 16th century and belongs to a castle. The castle has been abandoned for some time and the decay is taking place. It has been a historic monument since 1926.

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The church is located next to the castle on the outskirts of the village. The castle is built on a hill and overlooks a valley. The church is still in a very good condition.

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I had visited this church before, back then there was an open window. The door to the church itself, behind the altar, was unfortunately locked. A few months later, when I was back in the neighborhood, I decided to take a look again. Fortunately the door was open now.

Eglise HB Urbex-3.jpg

It’s a beautiful little church. After an hour we were ready taking pictures so we left again.


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