Cristallerie of Val Saint Lambert (VSL)

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What is the Crystal Factory?
The Crystal factory is an old factory and a very popular location for urban photographers or urbex location. The factory produces glass art, glasses and crystal for general usage. The old factories have not been used for a very long time. Demolition of the site is ongoing. Probably the old buildings are gone in the nearby future. When we were on the site we could find many gear which was used to produce the glasses.

The History of Val-Saint-Lambert:
The factory is situated on a terrain which belonged to an old monastery. The Romanian library which is situated on the terrain is being used again. In 1826 the factory was being started by some craftsmen because of the nearby coal mining facilities which were producing coal for the ovens where the crystal was being made. The nearby river was also important because the glass could be transported to customers.

As for today the factory of Val-Saint-Lambert crystal has facilities in more than 40 countries all over the world, from the United States to Saudi Arabia, from Spain to Japan. The presence has made the region popular and is used by tourism institutions to promote the region. In the 80’s the factory almost became bankrupt. The Belgian government saved the factory by buying many stocks.

On the terrain there is a museum where you can see some craftsmen at work. You can also visit the new factory.

What is the location of the Crystal Factory?
The exact location, address or GPS coordinates I can’t tell but the crystal factory is in the region of Wallonia in Belgium, not far from the Dutch and German border. It is situated next to a big river.

Is it easy to get in?
It is a very big location so it’s easy to get on the terrain. Getting into the old factory is easy also.

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