Church of Decay

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Somewhere in a small village in Wallonia, a province of Belgium, you will find this abandoned church. It’s called the Church of Decay. It is a very famous and old urbex location. At first, I did not want to visit it because I read that it would be largely unleashed.


Arriving at the address we saw that fences were placed around the church. Fortunately, we soon discovered a hole. A small window was broken at the back of the church. Fortunately there was a pile of stones standing against the wall. We could use them to climb up to the open window. When looking trough the window we were surprised by the depth of the church. We had to climb for 4 meters down to reach the ground on the inside. I thought we would never succeed!

When we investigated the situation a little bit better, we saw a ladder standing on the inside of the wall. Someone even left a rope so we could easily get down.


I went through the window first, grabbed the rope and stepped down carefully. On the inside we were surprised by the greatness of the church, it was beautiful! The big arches, the large stained glass windows with the many colors.


After a little hour we were done and so we climbed up again. Everywhere there were children playing around. Some local residents saw us climbing out of the window. They didn’t say anything, they probably didn’t care.


What is the location of The Church of Decay?
The Church of Decay is somewhere in Belgium, not far from the Dutch border. The location is in a village not far from a big city. As usual I can’t give any address, coordinates or exact location details. This is due to the many destruction’s taking place by vandalism and so called gratify artists.

Is The Church of Decay easy accessible?
It was not very difficult for me to find this location. A bit of investigation on google soon gave us the right directions. On arrival, we parked our car parked on the main square where the church was situated. The rest is already told.

Is The Church of Decay worth the visit?
It is a very nice location to explore, especially for the beginning urbexer. Because the location is not difficult to find and is not plagued by gratify or destruction, I would definitely recommend this place!

Is The Church of Decay guarded by security?
The Church of Decay is not protected by security. The neighbors probably don’t care if they see someone clibing in or out of the church.

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