Church of 1000 Arches | Eglise aux Mille Arches

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Somewhere in a small village of the Belgian region of Wallon you will find the Church of the 1000 Arches. Also called Eglise aux Mille Arches in French language. It is a beautiful church where you will find some nice details.

The church is situated on a square with some shops and restaurants. It’s a crowdy place. There were many people when we arrived so we had to wait for the people to leave. At a quit moment we entered the church trough a hole in the window at the back.

On the inside the church was beautiful. We saw the many arches but not the 1000 we expected. At some places some wood was preventing the ceiling from falling down. The people who used the place probably had no money to make repairs so they abandoned the whole place.

The church was full of statues, chairs and liturgic dresses. There even was a room for the children to wait for their parents watching the priest. Childrens toys where everywhere.

What is the location of the Church of 1000 Arches?
De Church of 1000 Arches is somewhere in Belgium, not far from the Dutch border. It’s located in a small village. The actual location I can’t give, nor can I give the GPS coordinates.

Is it easy to get in the Church of 1000 Arches?
It’s not difficult to get in, the only thing is the crowded square. I had to wait for a moment when all people left and I could get in unseen.

Is there security at the Church of 1000 Arches?
We did not see any security. The only thing we had to deal with was to wait for a time when the people left the square.


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