Château Stromae | Castle 65

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This is Château Stromae. We visited this castle in May 2017 during our second trip through France. I had already seen on photos that it had to be a very special castle. Upon arrival, our expectations were not entirely unjustified. Château Stromae is a beautiful urbex location. The castle is also called Castle 65

Château Stromae

The castle is situated on a quiet road somewhere in a remote location in the east of France. The enormous estate consists of several buildings including a castle consisting of an old and a new part, a windmill, a water mill and a barn with some old agricultural tools. Next to the castle is a huge building that resembles a church. We could not enter this building but could see through the windows that there were cattle feeders present. There is also a new house on the property. This new house is almost ready to be inhabited, but the construction has probably been a few months quiet.

The first part of the castle seems very old. Probably from the 17th century. It consists of a number of rooms and a large chapel. There also seems to be a library, but we did not find it, very unfortunate because on photos I saw on the internet it is very nice. The new part is still in good condition and can still be renovated. Here is also the richly decorated dining room with long table, piano and fireplace with a stuffed deer head above it.

Upon entering the old part we were immediately surprised by the beautiful murals. These were in Eastern style and in most places still very good. I personally thought this was the most beautiful part of the castle.

The castle still looked very good. It seems that it is still updated every now and then to stand the test of time. Only a few leaks or other traces of water were visible. A castle that has water damage normally goes back quite quickly. Only on the first floor there was a leakage which caused some wood rot to be seen.

Is Château Stroame easy accessible?
The entire site is secured by a high wall. Entering is quite difficult, but because the terrain is quite large, there is always a hole in the wall. The castle is very remote so we did not notice. It was difficult to park our car as there is only along the road that can be parked next to the estate. It had to be like that.

Is Château Stroame worth the visit?
It is a beautiful castle to visit. Because it is so remote, no graffiti has been applied yet. Nothing has been destroyed yet. The castle also seems reasonably well maintained. I thought it was wonderful, even though many furniture had already been removed. The deserted castle in the east of France is a beautiful location for photographing. The murals, the chapel and the dining room with piano and library make it a very characteristic Urbex location! Chateau Stromae is a jewel for every Urbexer.

What is the location of Château Stromae?
Château Stromae is located somewhere in the east of France. Because it is so far away from the inhabited world, there is still a lot of beauty to see. This urbex location is not yet well known, so many demolitions have not yet been made. When we were here we were able to take pictures in peace and we were alone for hours.

Is Chateau Stromae secured by guards or an alarm?
We did not encounter any security or owner during our visit. We were reasonably easy to enter. During our preliminary research into this location and also stories afterwards it appears that there is the necessary monitoring and supervision of Chateau Stromae.
People from the neighborhood, young people and the elderly apparently keep an eye on the castle. When they see people inside, they come to the castle with several people and give the police to call and want to prevent that pictures are taken. Although we did not suffer from this, this is of course very annoying to experience. If you do not come close and you go to this location by car, it is quite likely that you will be noticed. There is no sheltered place to park your car, so you have to park almost pontifically in front of the abandoned building. Going very early is probably the only remedy for not attracting attention. Why this castle is called Château Stromae has not become clear to me.

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