Château Martin-Pecheur | Château Renault

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This is Château Martin-Pecheur or also known as Château Renault. A castle in a small village in France. We did this castle on day 2 of our 4 day castle trip through France. I think this is actually the most beautiful castle that we have seen during our trip. No damage at all. It’s a beautiful urban location to explore.


On the photos I had seen before, there were some more things present, such as a large wing. This was unfortunately gone when we were there. Fortunately, the large sofa was still there.


The castle was built in the beginning of the 17th century. It consists mostly of chalk and is registered as a historic monument since the late eighties. The castle probably owes its name to a small kingfisher that has been set up somewhere in one of the beautiful rooms. Martin-Pecheur means, in French, Kingfisher.


The castle still looked very good. It seems that it is still renovated every now and then to stand the test of time. No leaks or other traces of water were visible. A castle that has water damage normally goes back quite quickly.


The castle is on the edge of a very small village, close to the woods. The stables behind the castle have a free passage to the forest behind. Ideal for the horses. The castle looks pretty small on the outside but in reality we walked around for two hours. The large rooms with beautiful fireplaces, the wallpaper, the beautiful windows and the beautiful courtyard made a big impression on me.


Why the castle is also called Château Renault is not clear to me. We have not seen a car anywhere.


Is Château Martin-Pecheur easy accessible?
The entire site is secured by high fences. Entering is quite difficult, but because the terrain is quite large, there is always a hole in the fence. Because the castle is on the edge of the village, many people came along. So we had to choose a moment when we could climb inside unseen. Everywhere on the fences hang signs with prohibited access. Once we arrived at the castle, we checked whether we were alone and unpacked our bags. After an hour or two of photography we left the castle again with a satisfied feeling.



Is Château Martin-Pecheur worth the visit?
It is a beautiful castle to visit. Because it is so remote, no graffiti has been applied yet. There is also nothing destroyed, probably because it has been empty for a while. The castle also seems reasonably well maintained. I thought it was wonderful, even though many furniture and the wing had been removed.


What is the location of Château Martin-Pecheur?
Château Martin-Pecheur is somewhere in France. Because it is so far away from the inhabited world, there is still a lot of beauty to see. As I usually won’t give any locations, addresses or gps coordinates I now won’t either.

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