Château Marko Bey

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This is Château Marko Bey. An abandoned and derelict castle in a small village in France. We visited this castle on day 2 of our 4 day castle trip through France. It is an urbex location of a beautiful castle on a huge estate.


When we reached the estate we could not see the castle from the road. Through google maps we knew that we were in the neighborhood. We parked our car after we drove around the enormous estate several times and we had found a quiet and inconspicuous place.


With our backpacks we walked around the fence to find an entrance. Unfortunately this was not easy, the fence was high and nowhere to be seen. After a quarter of an hour walking along the fence we saw a hole. Quickly underneath, we were on the estate. But now, according to Google maps, we were just on the other side of the enormous terrain where the castle stands. So just walk through the fields and forests. We even got wet feet because we had to go through a swamp. Suddenly it was there, which we had come for: Château Marko Bey. Quickly go there!


Once we were in the castle we were immediately impressed by the huge hall with round wooden rings which used to be chandeliers. The colored limestone was still very beautiful to see. We quickly took our cameras and started photographing.


There is little information about the castle. Strange because it is huge and you expect that something has ever been written about it. Not so. I did not find out why this castle owes its name.


Only the hall looks good. The rest of the castle has been canceled. There are cable pipes everywhere in which there have ever been electricity wires. The copper thieves probably earned a lot of money. Nonetheless, we were able to shoot beautiful pictures.


The castle is on the edge of a very small village, close to the woods. A chapel has been built next to the castle, which was once also very beautiful, but now completely destroyed. There are also a number of wooden barracks on the estate. It seems that this once was a youth hostel. There are also a number of car wrecks.


Is Château Marko Bey easy accessible?
The entire site is secured by high fences. Entering is quite difficult, but because the terrain is quite large, there is always a hole in the fence. Because the castle is on the edge of the village, many people came along. So we had to choose a moment when we could climb inside unseen. Everywhere on the fences hang signs with prohibited access. Once we arrived at the castle, we checked whether we were alone and unpacked our belongings. After an hour or two of photography we left the castle again with a satisfied feeling.


Is Château Marko Bey worth the visit?
It is a beautiful castle to visit. The enormous entrance hall makes a big impression and looks beautiful. Unfortunately, the rest of the castle has been destroyed and the decline has struck.

What is the location Château Marko Bey?
Château Marko Bey is somewhere in France. Because it is so far away from the inhabited world, there is still a lot of beauty to see. As I normally won’t give any locations, addresses or gps coordinates I wont either do now.

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