Château Lumière

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This is Château Lumière, a castle in the French region of Vosges. Chateau Lumiere is a beautiful castle, built in Renaissance style. Because it is still well preserved, it is also a well-known place for urban explorers.

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We visited this castle during our urbex trip through France, where we visited Manoir Colimaçon, Airplane Graveyard, Chateau Stromae, Chateau Marko Bey, Chateau du Sanglier, Chateau Martin-Pecheur and the Star Trek Church.

Château Lumière is also known by the following names:
Chateau du Lumiere
Chateau Keller
Maison a la Vierre

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The castle or mansion has been owned by a family of industrialists. The most famous inhabitant was a French minister who lived here with his parents for a long time. He and his family were very wealthy. They earned a fortune with their tobacco factories and built large houses in France and abroad. With his money he subsidized many associations in the province where Chateau Lumiere can be found.

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During the first world war, Chateau Lumiere was occupied by the Germans and the family had to provide tobacco to the German troops. He refused his cooperation so he had to stay in prison for a few days.

He was initially called for military service but escaped to Switzerland. Still, he was arrested by Germans who threatened to kill him. He is saved by Customs, but as his possessions are advanced and destroyed. After the war he received several medals for his loyalty to his country.

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During the second world war, the castle was named Chateau Keller. The minister was expelled from his residence. His castle is then used as a school for woonded warriors.
After the war, he was suspected of cooperation with the enemy. His political career was over.

At the age of 77, he died and is not buried far from his parental home, Chateau Lumiere. He was commemorated 7 years later during an important ceremony. There he received recognition from the French Government for the work he has done for France.

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Since 1993, the building has a protected status as a historic monument.

Upon arrival we immediately saw that we were not the only people exploring the place. There were still 2 other urban explorers taking pictures. These were two German women who said they were close friends. They were driven out of Munich especially for this castle. Chateau Lumiere was their only venue they were attending and spent 6 hours in the castle. We have been talking for a long time and exchanged some nice places.

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The castle was in a pretty good state . Because it is so famous, it is often visited by urbexers but also by people with bad intentions. In March, stones were thrown through the glass roof and fell on the red carpet in the central hall. On arrival we thought we would find them but everything was tidy cleaned. There were only a few leaks or other traces of water to be seen. A castle that has water damage usually returns quite quickly. Only on the first floor was a leakage that saw some wood rot.​

Is Château Lumiere easy accessible?
The entire site is protected by a high fence. The gates at the front were all well sealed by thick chains. We walk around the area to get to the backside of the castle. There we could climb over a wall through the back yard of some houses. After a few minutes walked through the woods we reached Château Lumiere. The door was open so we could easily enter.

Is Château Lumiere worth the visit?
It is a well-known urbex location, especially because of the beautiful central hallway. Probably the castle has the name due to the window in the roof where the light is falling inward. Personally, I found the rooms with the painted carvings more beautiful.

What is the exact location of Château Lumiere?
Château Lumiere is located in the east of France, in the region of Vosges. It’s not common to share urbex locations so in this case I will also not share the details. A little googling is usually enough to find this beautiful castle.

Is there security surveillance at Château Lumiere?
During our visit we did not see any security. We saw some local residents but they did not care about us. We were able to walk undisturbed for 2 hours.

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