Chateau de la Fontaine du Dr. Harry et Markus de Savoye

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Chateau de la Fontaine du Doctor Harry and Markus de Savoye is a castle dating from the 15th century. Underneath the castle is a source of water that possesses healing powers. In the beautiful gothic slyle hall there is a fountain where the source lets its healing water flow. Experiments were conducted in the castle on psychiatric patients to cure them of their insanity.

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The castle was restored about 150 years ago while maintaining the original Gothic Renaissance style. It knew many owners of nobility. Several dukes, duchesses, barons and baronesses took possession of this castle.

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The feared doctor Harry and his brother Markus were the most notorious owners of the castle.

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The feared brothers Harry and Markus of Savoy did experiments on psychiatric patients. By means of electrotherapy they tried to cure their clients of their insanity.

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Several antique medical devices from the company Gaiffe-Gallot-Pilon from Paris refer to these terrible experiments. The devices date from 1890 and are therefore of historical value. The treated patients will probably have suffered a lot!

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The castle is located on a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. The view can be enjoyed from the room where the piano is located. The castle is still in reasonably good condition. It is leaking in a number of places so there is not much waiting for a restoration to take place.

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Many people live and work in the vicinity of the castle. During our visit we parked our car near the castle. Almost immediately someone came running towards us to send us away. He said it was a private parking lot and that the police often checked for illegal parking. So we had to search for a suitable parking space somewhere else.

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After half an hour of walking we finally reached the spooky castle. We had to be careful, many people were walking in the vicinity and cars were parked in front of the castle. We waited for a moment to get unseen behind the castle.

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Once we were behind the castle we doubted whether this castle would actually be abandoned. It looked in a pretty good state from the outside. When we saw some broken windows, we were convinced that Chateau de la Fontaine of Doctor Harry and Markus de Savoye was actually abandoned.

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Fortunately, we soon saw a broken window through which we could enter. Once in the castle, we were surprised by it’s beauty. After being in the castle for an hour or two, it became quite dark. We packed our bags and walked back to our car.

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I will not reveal the exact location, GPS coordinates or the address as usual.

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There was a mysterious atmosphere in this castle.

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