Château des Singes

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This is Château des Singes or Chateau la Folie. Freely translated, this means Castle of the Apes or Castle of Monkeys. A beautiful abandoned castle somewhere in France.


We visited this castle during our tour de France where we visited a number of castles. This was the last one. The castle is characterized by the large rooms on both sides adjacent to the outer walls with the result that everything is beautifully illuminated.


The castle dates from the seventeenth century and owes its name to the various wall paintings of monkeys. The castle is located somewhere in a small village where about 400 people live. The castle was abandoned in 2012. The owner could no longer pay the maintenance. He occupied fewer and fewer rooms and heated his castle with a few small heaters. He eventually left the castle.


Unfortunately, vandals have smeared the beautiful staircase with blue paint. This paint has already been partially removed, probably by the owners. Unfortunately, this has not been entirely successful.


Is Château des Singe easy accessible?
The entire site is secured by high fences. Entering is quite difficult, but because the terrain is quite large, there is always a hole in the fence. Everywhere on the fences are signs which display prohibited access. It is also warned that shooting could take place. We met a couple that lay in the grass near the castle. When we asked how best we could go inside, they pointed us a little road. Once we arrived at the castle, we checked whether we were alone and unpacked our belongings.


After a short hour of photography we left the castle again with a satisfied feeling.


Is Chateau des Singes worth the visit?
It is a beautiful castle to visit. Because it is so remote, not much graffiti has been applied besides the residu of the blue paint on the stairs. Some things have been destroyed, probably because it has been empty for a while.


What is the location of Chateau des Singes or Chateau de La Folie?
Château des Singes or Château la Folie is located somewhere in France. Because it is so far away from the inhabited world, there is still a lot of beauty to see.

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