Blue Power Plant

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The Blue Power Plant is positioned on the same site as a coke-works. It was used to power the vast, now abandoned Cockerill-Sambre steelworks. It’s a very nice location to explore due to the big and old steam generators.

I had driven many times past this powerplant and was curious about the insights. There are some nice location reports on the internet with beautiful pictures. I had decided that this was a must see place. On a rainy day I went to Charleroi to see it with my own eyes.

At first we entered the boiler house which a relatively standard one, fired by a combination of natural gas and coke gas, a by-product of coke production. The boilers had some quite interesting looking bits. The big valves where once steam went thrugh were verry impressive. We could walk there for hours and we did. A last we walked near the steam turbine hall. We didn’t know where to enter it so we had to search a bit to find this big gem.

A little while later we found the entrance of the subject where this trip was all planned for. Entering the big hall from the boiler house, we were impressed by the size of it. Big windows where lightning the many turbines. The machines, ranging from old to some modern one’s, where left abandoned for a while. The turbine hall is very impressive and interesting. There are a lot of turbines in a major hall powering the steelworks site. Some of the turbines were real classics of varying ages, and ranging in output from 6.5MW to 75MW. There are some special Ingersoll Rand turbines with black cladding and a big blue Escher Wyss turbine where this site has got it’s name from. Other turbines included designs from Alsthom, ACEC and a very nice Oerlikon.

This turbine hall was filled with turbines over time. The Escher Wyss had it’s own boiler house. Probably specifically built for this turbine.

We took many pictures of the machinery and decided we had to look for the control room. At that moment we were cought by security. We knew that there was security wandering around because of the other guys who where there before. The security guy asked for our id’s so we showed him. He looked quite relaxed. After a while we had to leave the plant with him. He escorted us to our cars so we could go. Luckily we had all our pictures.

What is the location of Blue Power Plant?
Blue Power Plant is somewhere in Belgium, not far from the French border. It’s located in a big city. The actual location I can’t give, nor can I give the GPS coordinates.

Is it easy to get in the Blue Power Plant ?
It’s not easy to get in. The steelworks plant is very big and all doors where close except one. Luckily we found this door.

Is there security at the Blue Power Plant ?
There are security sensors all over the place. We were discovered by a security agent which brought us back to our cars. Before that he made some copies of our ID’s

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