Basilika St. Marien | St. Mary’s Basilica in Kevelaer

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St. Mary’s Basilica opened it’s doors in 1864. About 6 million stones were used to build this church wich was built in neogothic design. In 1923 the church was declared to basilica by pope Pius XI.

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The church is situated near the Chapel of Mercy. In this chapel you can find a picture of the Holy Virgin Mary from wich is said it has healing powers. The chapel and church are visited by hundreds of thousands pilgrims on a yearly basis.

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The neogothic church was built between 1858 en 1864 by Hilger Hertel the Old by design of Vincenz Statz. The tower, wich is 4 stories high was added between 1883-1884. About 1900 the inside of the church was painted in beautiful colors and gold paint.

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In 1991 the by Parisian Sainte-Chapelle inspired painting of the church was renovated and completed. The St. Mary’s Basilica in Kevelaer is of the most colorful painted churches of the Rheinland region. Due to damages form the second world war many stained glass windows were destroyed. In 1946 these were replaced. Some were designed by the artist Hans Mennekes from the near village of Weeze.

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The current bronze portal of the church was made by the carver and sculptor Willi Dirx.




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