Ballsaal Lego – An Abandoned Ballroom in Germany

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People don’t dance anymore in this abandoned Ballsaal Lego. I couldn’t find much information about this ballroom, which has a ceiling that is like the well known lego stones. I think that this room dates back to around 1900. At that time it went well with the economy and people used to go to parties a lot. Everywhere these kind of halls could be found. Every village had a ballroom of size.


Nowadays, these kind of ballrooms are abandoned. Nobody cares about them. During our visit, local residents saw us go inside, it did not interest them. After half an hour we were done making photographs. Nevertheless, these types of locations provide beautiful images.


Visiting these types of rooms is not without risk. The rooms are usually located on the first floor. Because these ballrooms have not been used for decades, the decay has done its job.


You can find holes in the floor everywhere in this ballroom. The ceiling has come down on the right side so I will not be surprised if that part collapses soon.

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