Alla Italia

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Alla Italia is an old welness resort somewhere in the Belgian region of the Ardennes. The building dates from the second half of the 19th century and was designed by the architect L.Suys. The place where this bathhouse is located has a long history. The first sources date back to 1300. In this period the sources were mainly visited by newlyweds because the Remaclus source would positively influence fertility.

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This impressive two-storey building was built in French Neo-Renaissance style according to the plans of architect Léon Suys.

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The building itself consists of four wings around a courtyard. The sitting, pouring and mud baths are located on the ground floor. The bathhouse is best known for its imposing hall with a neo-baroque ceiling.

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Originally the hotel had 52 bath cabins with 54 baths, 2 large rooms with high pressure showers, 2 large rooms and hydrotherapy showers with regular immersion pool, 2 hydrotherapy rooms, 2 rooms with showers in a circle and for foot baths with running water and 2 dives. Subsequently, many changes were made to modernize the establishment.

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The bathhouse was inaugurated on 15 August 1868 under the direction of Bourgmestre Servais. The cost of the bathhouse amounted to 1 500 000 Belgian francs, a huge amount for that time. The baths were suitable for a maximum of 167,182 thermal treatments per year (in 1967).

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After 135 years of operation, these baths were closed in 2003. They have been replaced by a more modern bathhouse a bit further on a hill.

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The bathhouse has been on the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage since 2014 among the major European water cities.

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The interior facades (courtyard) and both outside and the footrests and the lobby are listed on the list of immovable assets classified spa and are among the properties included in the list of exceptional heritage of Wallonia. The thermal baths can not be visited anymore.


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